Artist: Hannah Gartside
Curator: Kate Davis

Ararat Gallery TAMA (Textile Art Museum Australia)
20 July - 20 October 2019 

review by Michaela Bear for Un Extended
review by Sophia Cai for Art Guide Insiders
mentioned in Art Guide Top 5 

Form, like body, should never be assumed 

To demonstrate care of ownership 

the stained nightie is bathed 

& then rolled between 2 towels 

to press out excess moisture 

before the evaporation reasons 

a reshaping. Re-dried & re-domesticated— 

When does material not matter 

in acts of plunging & tautness? 

There is constant weight to malleability, 

even when synthetic—the way rumours 

may knot like a nightie & can be held 

against a body for an arousal 

of contempt. A nightie’s length 

in comparison to a shoulder strap 

is designed to be longer than a throat— 

yet unlike a throat, a nightie cannot 

be as deeply penetrated—assuming 

there is a throat for the gown to tenderly 

stroke over—as opposed to being lifted 

from the ground, up past the feet— 

supposing there are feet & a ground. 

by Autumn Royal (2018) Photos: Louis Lim